Hip, Hip Jorge!

Jorge Posada, longtime catcher and Yankee great, retired today at Yankee Stadium after 17 years wearing the Yankee pinstripes. Posada had a disappointing 2011 campaign as a part time DH, but that will be hardly remembered after a historic Yankee… Read More ›

Pay College Athletes

Revenue Producing Athletes Deserve a Share Look around a professional football stadium and the audience is screaming for their team, wearing their favorite player’s jersey, chomping on burgers and guzzling down a beverage. The stadium is electric, and the same… Read More ›

Time For BCS Change

America needs a True College Football Champion Each year college football players, coaches, and fans alike are robbed from a true champion and this is all due to one flawed ranking system that gives people everywhere a non-stop headache. The… Read More ›