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  • Solving The Yankees’ DH Problem

    This offseason the New York Yankees solved their biggest issue by adding two new starting pitchers. Veteran Hiroki Kuroda and young gun Michael Pineada were two huge additions that will help the Yankees immensely. However, as great as the Pineada… Read More ›

  • Hip, Hip Jorge!

    Jorge Posada, longtime catcher and Yankee great, retired today at Yankee Stadium after 17 years wearing the Yankee pinstripes. Posada had a disappointing 2011 campaign as a part time DH, but that will be hardly remembered after a historic Yankee… Read More ›

  • Chip Kelly’s Decision

    Chip Kelly made the right decision to stay at the University of Oregon, and it should have came as an easy one. Chip is essentially a god in Eugene and recruits love him as we all saw last year with… Read More ›

  • Bud Selig’s Last Hurrah

    MLB commissioner Bud Selig was recently appointed a 2 year contract extension and clearly he has done a lot to baseball. His major contributions include: expanded replay, the importance of the All-Star game, and now he has proposed an extra… Read More ›

  • The First of a Last

    Today was the first day of my last semester at Santa Rosa Junior College. The indications of a first day back were very clear right from the get go. From people scurrying to get a parking spot, to hustling to… Read More ›

  • Pay College Athletes

    Revenue Producing Athletes Deserve a Share Look around a professional football stadium and the audience is screaming for their team, wearing their favorite player’s jersey, chomping on burgers and guzzling down a beverage. The stadium is electric, and the same… Read More ›

  • Time For BCS Change

    America needs a True College Football Champion Each year college football players, coaches, and fans alike are robbed from a true champion and this is all due to one flawed ranking system that gives people everywhere a non-stop headache. The… Read More ›