Unleash The Beast: Leonard Fournette Is A Sprinting, Bulldozing Nostradamus

Photo by Zoe Geauthreaux

Photo by Zoe Geauthreaux

*This column was originally published on The Sports Fan Journal.

It only took one touchdown for Leonard Fournette to show off his future-seeing abilities. On his first collegiate touchdown, a short run up the middle against Sam Houston State, Fournette struck the pose — the Heisman pose to be exact. Most of us laughed at the true freshman for his brash cockiness, but while also laughing, some of us just mumbled under our breath, “Yup.”

Fournette, last year’s consensus No. 1 recruit after being named an All-American by USA Today in both 2012 and 2013, came into LSU with huge expectations. He was being touted as the next Adrian Peterson in an age of the extinct every-down running back, and rightfully so.

The first time I saw Fournette play, besides endlessly rewinding ridiculous YouTube highlight clips, was in the 2014 Under Armour All-America Game. Fournette’s stats didn’t jump off the box score, but he certainly didn’t disappoint. His last play as an uncommitted recruit was a 36-yard touchdown catch on a wheel route, dashing past the defense. When he took his helmet off and eventually put on an LSU hat to play his college ball in his home state, all I could give was one of those awkward eyebrows perched, jaw-dropped looks and say, “Whaaaaaaaaaaat?!?”

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