Dear Artists: Life’s A Ball 2014

Dear local artists, any artists, and friends of artists,

I’m looking to put together a book (kinda) of selected articles, columns, and blog posts that I have written this year and posted on Life’s A Ball. So far, besides blog posts here on Life’s A Ball, I’ve been published at eight different websites this year. Those websites include: Amazin’ Avenue, The Sports Fan Journal, The Cauldron, High Heat Stats, Baseball Essential, Baseball Hot Corner, EvoShield, and NorCal Travel Ball. Along with the websites, I have also been published in two newspapers — The Petaluma Argus-Courier, and The Inkwell.

I already have an outline and general idea of how the project would look and would love original artwork from people that paint, draw, spray paint, or do digital artwork to go along with the articles. If you’re interested or know anybody that would be interested, please email me at or message me here or over Twitter @DaltonJ_Johnson. Thanks!

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