Jordan pays Re2pect to Derek Jeter


(Watching Derek Jeter in his last season was a dream come true)

(Watching Derek Jeter in his last season was a dream come true)

Derek Jeter is starting his last All-Star Game in Minnesota at shortstop and leading off for the American League. This season has celebrated Jeter with every city he has played in and for all the right reasons. We don’t love Jeter for his moonshot home runs, or his big personality, but for the complete opposite. He is the ultimate man of respect in baseball, as the perfect leader and winner, who played with an old-school attitude.

As a life-long New York Yankees fan and Jeter fan, it was a dream come true seeing him play against the Oakland A’s this season. In his first at-bat, the whole crowd chanted “DEREK JETER!” Everybody in that road stadium loved Jeter and he delivered a vintage line drive up the middle.

I felt like an eight-year-old that saw his hero play with goosebumps running up my arms. The Jordan brand made a commercial that will air tomorrow night during the All-Star Game that will give you the same goosebumps as well. Jordan perfectly pays his respect to Jeter with New York icons from Jay Z to Rudy Giuliani to past Yankee greats.


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