Former UNC athlete’s paper receives ridiculous grade, plenty of parties to blame


Earlier in the week, ESPN’s Outside the Lines aired a piece showing the academic scandal at North Carolina, where student-athletes took sham classes to stay eligible with minimal workload. What took the Internet by storm was this picture of an athlete’s final paper, which received an A-minus.

Former football player Deunta Williams is the maker of this “paper.” Despite the fact that this final paper was only a 148-word paragraph, there’s quite a few more mistakes. The paper is titled “Rosa Parks: My Story,” and isn’t that just the most intriguing title you have ever read…

From the first sentence that reads, “On the evening of December Rosa Parks decided that she was going to sit in the white people section on the bus in Montgomery, Alabama,” you are generally worried that this guy couldn’t read Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham. The dialogue is cringe worthy, the spelling and grammatical errors are evident, and the lack of no quotation marks to end the paper make me want to pull my hair out and give peace to Rosa Parks, who just wants to know from the two white policemen “why do you all push us around?”

The University of No College is certainly to blame for their joke of a class to cheat the system, as is the teacher. Major NCAA sanctions need to come down and the investigation will be looked into deeper. The athlete needs to be at fault as well to not get help if this really is his writing level and to let this be his paper if he is a better writer than this.

Williams said his advisor told him to take the course and told ESPN, “Their job isn’t necessarily to make Deunta Williams a better person. A smarter person. Their job… is to make sure I’m eligible to play.” The sad reality is that although this received quite the laugh on Twitter, this is just one class of an abundance around the country that allow this to happen.

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