MLB now on Snap Chat


Major League Baseball has now made waves into the Snap Chat game, and most people won’t care, but I find it a great idea for fans. The MLB does a great job with reaching out to its fans with constantly posting to Instagram and Twitter. Going on Snap Chat is another way to make their fans smile. Punny? Ok anyways, I saw on Instagram that the MLB is now on Snap Chat and just out of curiosity I added them to see what their “story” would be. The first story they had after added was 10 seconds long. There was a picture of Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Jeff Smardzija with the caption “Can you say Smardzija?” After was a selfie taken by Cleveland Indians first basemen, Nick Swisher with #Awesome. Spring training was the perfect time to do this with players in a much more relaxed mood, and it’ll be interesting to see if other sports or entertainment avenues go to Snap Chat.

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