Reminisce with Bob Wolff and Baseball Legends


Bob Wolff, legendary sportscaster, has the longest sports broadcasting career in history, spanning for 74 years. This year he donated 1,400 audio and video recordings to the Library of Congress. Of the 1,000 hours he donated, the New York Times posted excerpts of video interviews Wolff had with Jackie Robinson, Ty Cobb, Mickey Mantle, Babe Ruth, Jimmie Foxx and Tris Speaker.

Jackie Robinson

Robinson talks about Eddie Miller giving him tips about playing second base and that you should put your glove as low as you can to the ground to judge ground balls easier. Also steer clear of liquor and get the proper amount of sleep to grow up to be a good ballplayer.

Ty Cobb

Cobb says he didn’t play mean on the bases (Sure Ty) and that he has plenty of spike wounds on his ankles and knees from opposing players too.

Mickey Mantle

Yogi Berra gets hit in the head from Billy Martin right when the interview starts, but according to Mantle, Berra has a hard head so he’ll be ok.

Babe Ruth

Ruth believes baseball should be played all year long, because it creates clean men… Really Babe?!?

Jimmie Foxx

Foxx believes that college baseball can give you fundamentals, but minor league “training” is a must.

Tris Speaker

Speaker played a shallow centerfield, because he learned to track down fly balls from Cy Young hitting fungos to him everyday. That’s where he learned to watch batters to get better jumps on the ball. He also believed Ty Cobb was the greatest player of all-time.

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