Angel Pagan blasts an historical game-winner


What’s the perfect fashion of winning after you team has been the victim of two blown calls, and your manager has been ejected out of the game? Well a walk-off inside-the-park home run of course.

Angel Pagan clearly knew the answer to the previous question as he launched the game-winning two-run inside-the-park home run in the 10th inning, to beat the Colorado Rockies 6-5.

Pagan’s head-first slide into home, did not only make AT&T Park erupt, it made history as well. The rare feat happened for the first time since Rey Sanchez also did it against the Rockies in extra innings, winning the game for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

The Giants outfielder is known for his speed and less for his power. The combination of the two, while keeping the ball in the park, has happened more than once. He has now hit three inside-the-park home runs also. This was also his second walk-off home run.

Though Pagan has sprinted around the bases before, this was amongst the rarest occasions for a Giants player. The last time it happened in fact, the Giants still played baseball in New York.

San Francisco’s victory concluded a wild game. There were two huge missed calls against the Giants — one at home and one at third — and in the top half of the inning Troy Tulowitzki launched a home run off Sergio Romo to go ahead 5-4.

A home run comes from power, while a triple comes from speed. An inside-the-park home run involves both while adding enough luck and magic. The Giants and Pagan will take as much luck and magic as they need.


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