Boston Magazine cover displays strong message


After over a week of seeing newspapers, television stations and magazines display graphic pictures and images of the Tsarnaev brothers, the Boston Magazine’s latest cover displays a strong message that everyone can enjoy.

On the cover of the magazine is variety of running shoes displayed in the shape of a heart, with the message: “We Will Finish The Race,” in the middle of the heart.

Many of the images finding the covers of magazines since the tragic bombings at the Boston Marathon were heartbreaking, attention grabbing photos. The images showed the reality of the scene, but was heartbreaking imagery.

Perhaps no magazine has set the tone like the Boston Magazine has with its cover for their May issue, the first since the bombings.

This chilling, beautiful artwork perfectly captures the essence and spirit of the city of Boston since the bombings. Boston is in a state of recovery and the image of all different shoes coming together as a heart perfectly embodies how much good is in people, at a time where there was so much evil.

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