Be sad, but excited 49ers fans


The life of a sports fan is one of the strangest and most complex, lives you will come bye. When your team wins, you win. When your team loses, you lose. But really, you have absolutely nothing to do with the team or game.

Fans use words like “we” and “my” when talking about teams, which is one of the strangest, yet most normal things to do. After the 49ers loss, fans were saying, “We should have won that game,” or “I still love my team!” The fan has nothing to do with the team or game, but is needed in every way.

San Francisco 49ers fans were crushed after “their team” lost to the Baltimore Ravens 34-31. Though they are rightfully sad, 49ers fans should be proud too.

I am one of these sad and proud fans. To make matters worse, I am a sad fan that is not home in the Bay Area, but in Savannah, Georgia, rooting for the team that ended the Atlanta Falcons season two weeks ago.

This was my first 49ers Super Bowl in my life (The 1994 Super Bowl does not count when I wasn’t even 3 years old) and I was all-aboard the “Quest for Six.” In an apartment full of non-Niners fans, a win would have been even sweeter.

How can you not be proud after dealing with disappointment for most of your life as a 49ers fan? I have dealt with the following quarterbacks: Tim Rattay, Ken Dorsey, Cody Pickett, Trent Dilfer (When he played like he was 80), Shaun Hill, Chris Weinke, J.T. O’Sullivan, Troy Smith and Alex Smith in his former No. 1 pick bust years.

Yes, luckily I was able to see a glimpse of Steve Young and watched Jeff Garcia connect with T.0., but those were the quarterbacks for most of my years growing up.

Now, the future is bright with Colin Kaepernick. The first-year starter played like a future star in the Super Bowl. He threw for 302 yards with one touchdown and ran for 62 more yards and another score. His interception on a pass that sailed into the arms of Ed Reed was his one costly mistake.

The 49ers are primed to make more future Super Bowl runs. We already know about Kaepernick, but they have more than just their young quarterback to look forward to. Michael Crabtree had his first 1,000-yard season and is starting to look like the player he was drafted to be. The Niners have a bruising running back in Frank Gore and a young game-changer, LaMichael James, in their backfield. On defense, San Francisco has three young stars: Patrick Willis, NaVorro Bowman and Aldon Smith to anchor their defense for a long time.

If you are 49ers fan be sad, you should, But, make sure you are just as proud and excited for the future. With this talent and Jim Harbaugh as their coach, there could easily be another “Quest for Six” soon.

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