Wild Weekend of Sports: All Aboard The Kleinapple Express!


Wild Weekend of Sports highlights the biggest and best sports news and events from the weekend, with a little bit of comic relief.


* Kansas State dominated West Virginia in a 55-14 blowout. Geno Smith’s Heisman chances are as bad as West Virginia’s defense and people everywhere are hopping on the Kleinapple Express straight to New York City.

* Florida beat down South Carolina 44-11, but Steve Spurrier didn’t seem too mad after the game: “I will always get Florida wins! Go Gators!” Is it weird that when he threw his visor in the air, a buddy picture of Rex Grossman and Spurrier fell to the ground?

* Matt Barkley set a Pac-12 record with a 102 career touchdown passes in USC’s 50-6 win over Colorado. Good idea joining the Pac-12 Colorado. Becoming independent won’t even be a bad enough “conference” for you to win in.

* The Miami Marlins continued to unload their money by trading Heath Bell to the Arizona Diamondbacks. Arizona also received Cliff Pennington from the Oakland A’s who received Chris Young, and Miami got minor league infielder Yordy Cabrera from Oakland. Oakland GM Billy Beane had an interesting explanation for the trade: “Well Sony Pictures called and said that for Moneyball 2 they wanted to have a team filled with as many outfielders and strikeouts as possible. Good luck Brad Pitt!”


* The San Francisco Giants forced a Game 7 with a 6-1 win over the St. Louis Cardinals in Game 6 of the NLCS. Ryan Vogelsong went 7 innings and had a career high 9 strikeouts. Note to baseball fans: The Giants have the greatest hashtags ever #OrangeOctober #RallyZito #RallyZzzzito #RallyVogey #RallyEnchilada Yes, that last one is real and it is awesome!

* Chris Johnson learned how to run again and carried the ball 18 times for 195 yards and two touchdowns in the Tennessee Titans 35-34 victory over the Buffalo Bills. After the game Johnson said, “I don’t I went 80 yards in like two years, so it feels good.” No reporters bothered to ask him why he added that zero after the eight.

* The Oakland Raiders edged out the Jacksonville Jaguars 26-23 in OT thanks to Sebastian Janikowski’s game-winning 40-yard field goal. The New York Times has already announced that “How Not To Play Football For Dummies” was atop the bestsellers list by the end of the night.

* Rob Ninkovich recovered a fumbled out of Mark Sanchez’s hands to seal the New England Patriots 29-26 OT victory against the New York Jets. Hey at least Sanchez showed he can play fútbol!

* The Indiana Fever beat the Minnesota Lynx 87-78 to win the WNBA championship. And the fan went wild!…

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