Why the San Francisco Giants should not re-sign Melky Cabrera


The San Francisco Giants should absolutely not re-sign Melky Cabrera in the offseason.

Cabrera and his 50-game performance-enhancing drug suspension have no place in San Francisco. The Giants have already had enough problems with situations like Cabrera’s.

Barry Bonds and his steroid debacle has had a lasting impression in San Francisco.

Ever since Bonds’ head turned into the size of a watermelon, San Francisco has been looked at in a different light. After the Giants didn’t re-sign Bonds, the last thing the Giants needed was another situation like that.

Then came 2012.

The PED problems were back in San Francisco.

First, Guillermo Mota was suspended for 100 games after failing his second PED test. Mota may not be a superstar, but he still helps the Giants out of the bullpen.

It got much worse with Melky Cabrera’s 50-game suspension for taking testosterone—a banned PED substance.

Cabrera was having a career year for the San Francisco Giants. At the time of his suspension, the outfielder was second in the National League with a .346 batting average, first in hits with 159, first in runs with 84 and second in triples with 10.

Cabrera was an MVP candidate and completely let the team and fans in San Francisco down. He was in line for a big contract extension, but now he does not deserve one from the Giants.

The Giants do not need the distraction of Cabrera, and he does not deserve any loyalty from the Giants front office.

Luckily, the Giants have plenty of options without Cabrera.

The only outfielder coming back in 2013 to San Francisco is Hunter Pence, but the free-agent class is stacked.

Nick Swisher, B.J. Upton, Shane Victorino, Michael Bourn and Josh Hamilton, among others, are options the Giants should take a look at. Bringing back Angel Pagan for another short-term deal is another possibility.

Bringing in a corner outfielder or converting a center fielder could make room for Gary Brown. Brown could be a big spark offensively and on the basepaths.

Though Brown may be having an average offensive output, hitting .279 in Double-A, he still has 33 stolen bases. The prized prospect has always put up offensive numbers that show he will be a quality leadoff hitter in the bigs.

The Giants would also save money from not re-signing Cabrera. This money could either go to free agents or be invested in a player like Buster Posey.

Posey could very well be the MVP this season, and the Giants must sign him long term. He is the most valuable player to the Giants, and a player with his offensive skills at his position would get a huge contract in free agency.

Melky Cabrera does not deserve to wear a Giants uniform.

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