San Francisco 49ers are Peyton Manning’s Best Fit


The San Francisco 49ers came out of nowhere as it was reported that they worked out prized free agent, Peyton Manning, Tuesday at Duke in Durham, N.C., in front of head coach Jim Harbaugh, and offensive coordinator Greg Roman.

Not only are the 49ers finalists to sign Manning, they are the best fit for the four-time NFL MVP.

Manning’s workout was considered “very impressive” and the 49ers even brought a team doctor to run a physical exam on Manning. The 49ers are clearly ready to win now after coming up short in the NFC Championship game in 2011 to the eventual Super Bowl Champion, New York Giants.

A usually conservative off-season team, the 49ers have already resigned cornerback Carlos Rogers after a stellar 2011 season, and have also signed the talented yet hard to handle, Randy Moss to a one-year deal. After the success of last season and the signings of this off-season, it is clear that San Francisco gives Manning the best chance to win.

In 2011, San Francisco went all the way to the NFC Championship game with an average Alex Smith at quarterback. How far can they go with a healthy Peyton Manning? Possibly back to the glory days of Joe Montana and Steve Young.

The 49ers have the weapons for Manning to succeed. For passing weapons, the 49ers have one of the game’s best in Vernon Davis, an emerging Michael Crabtree, a young Kyle Williams and Randy Moss who will “take the top off the defense.” To go along with their outside weapons, the 49ers have a great running game. Frank Gore has turned into a horse for the 49ers and Kendall Hunter is a good change of pace back.

Manning ultimately wants to win and that’s what the 49ers can help him do. San Francisco plays in a weak NFC West division, where a healthy Manning can dominate. Compared to the Tennessee Titans and Denver Broncos, the 49ers play in a much weaker division.

If Manning does end up in San Francisco, he could also help the 49ers get another weapon. Brandon Lloyd would be a great addition, beside the fact he was not the most loved 49er when he once wore crimson and gold. Since his departure, Lloyd has matured and the now 30 year-old receiver is playing much more like he was once believed to.

After winning the NFC West and making it to the NFC Championship game, the 49ers would be a legit title contender with a healthy Peyton Manning. Yes, the key word is healthy, but the 49ers brought a team doctor to their private workout and they are sure to know everything about his current state of health.

If Manning is healthy and San Francisco signs him, 49ers fans will be going crazy all year with having their first great quarterback since Montana and Young.

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