The First of a Last

Today was the first day of my last semester at Santa Rosa Junior College. The indications of a first day back were very clear right from the get go. From people scurrying to get a parking spot, to hustling to class a little late. You see people of all ages, shapes, and color and they all have a sense of wonder. Some are wondering if they will get into a class and others are wondering how long they will last in a class. For me, it was an eye opening day. It was was the last time that I can roll out of bed at home and be a tad b it mad that I have to get back to class. Where will I be at this point next year? Where will I be next year? That is a question that has popped in my mind quite frequently as of late and I honestly can’t wait to just know the answer. While applying to schools and gathering information to know what best suits you for the next 2 years, I try to picture myself there, but I don’t think the real picture will be there until I roll out of bed for the first day of my new destination. The first day is always interesting, but this one had more meaning and value, and it is the beginning to an end.

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